Latvian Breweries
Brewpubs, Microbreweries and their Beers

This is a list of all the breweries in Latvia and all the beers they brew.

My thanks go to Martin Grosberg for his many corrections and contributions to this page.

Brewing Industry Structure

They break down as follows:

Brewery No. Details

Beer Styles

Style alc. Plato description
Sencu 40% 10ş A weaker pale lager that approximates to a Czech vycepni pivo.
Pilzenes/Pilsener 4.5% 11ş The pale yellow, vaguely hoppy stuff sold everywhere.
Gaišais 5% 12ş Pale lager that approximates to a Helles.
Tumšais 5.5% 14ş Dark lager.
Stiprais Gaišais 7% 20ş Strong pale lager. Aprroximately a pale Bock.
Stiprais Tumšais 7% 20ş Strong dark lager. Aprroximately a dark Bock.
Porter 6-7% 18-20ş Bottom-fermented Baltic Porter.


Brewers' Organiation

Latvian Breweries
Brewery Listings

Tvaika 44,
1055 Riga.
Tel: 7023201

Founded: 1865
Annual production: 60,000 hl (2006)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Aldararis Originalais 5%   Amber lager.  
Aldaris Luksus 5.2%   Pale lager.  
Aldararis Gaišais 4.5%   Pale lager.  
Aldararis Tumšais 4.8%   Dark lager.  
Aldararis Stiprais 6.5%   Pale Bock.  
Aldaris Zelta 5.2%   Pale lager.  
Aldaris Pilzenes 4.5%   Pale lager.  
Aldaris Porteris 6.8%   Porter.  
Aldaris Legenda 1865 5.3%   Pale lager.Supposedly brewed to the Reinheitsgebot.  
Aldaris Ice Beer 4.5%   Pale lager.  
Aldaris Uguns 5.5%   Dark lager. The name means "The Fire" and it brewed from roast malt.  
Aldaris Kviesais     Wheat beer.  
Carlsberg Beer 5%   Pale lager.  
Latvijas Seviškais 5%   Amber lager.  
Latvijas Gaišais 4.7%   Pale lager.  
Rock 7%   Amber Bock.  
Hard Rock 9%   Doppelbock.  
Euro Beer 4.7%   Pale lager.  
Euro Beer 7%   Pale Bock.  
Euro Beer 10%   Pale Doppelbock.  
Apinitis 4.7%   Pale lager.  
Apinitis 7%   Pale Bock.  

Owned by Baltic Beverage Holding (50% Carlsberg, 50% Scottish & Newcastle).

Alus Avots
Kekavas Pagasts,
Rigas Rajons,
Tel: 710 0923
Fax: 710 0909

Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Kekavas 4%   Pale lager  
Tris Jani 5%   Pale lager  
Brenca Alus 5%   Pale lager  
Kaburs 6.5%   Dark lager  
Seven Stars 7.5%   Pale lager  

Owned by Harboes Bryggeri.

Bauskas Alus
Islices pag. Bauskas rajons,
3914 Imantas
Tel: 39 60013
Fax: 39 60019

Founded: 1981
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Bauskas Tumšais Alus 5.5%   Dark lager  
Bauskas Gaišais Alus 4.8%   Pale lager.  

Independent brewery.

Bruveris (Alus Tirdzniecibas Grupa)
Podraga 1a,
1007 Riga.
Tel: 735 3477

Founded: 1993 (as Sandriko)
Annual production: 5,870 hl (2004)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Bruveris 10 Gadu Jubilejas Alus 4.5%   Pale lager with ginger. Brewed to celebrate the brewery´s 10th anniversary.  
Bruveris Meistars Kviesu 4.5%   Unfiltered pale wheat beer.  
Bruveris Ingver Alus Sarkanais 5.4%   Amber lager with ginger.  
Bruveris Ingver Alus Melnais 7%   Dark lager with ginger.  
Brangais Alus 7%   Amber lager.  


Cesu alus
Aldaru laukums 1,
4101 Cesis
Tel: 41 22423
Fax: 41 24871

Founded: 1878
Annual production: 30,000 hl (2006)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Cesu Light - gaišais 4.2%   Pale lager  
Cesu Light - tumšais 4.2%   Dark lager  
Cesu Red Imperial 4.5%   Amber lager.  
Cesu Pilsener 4.7%   Pils.  
Cuba 4.8%   Pale lager.  
Cesu Extra 5%   Pale lager  
Cesu Special Export 5%   Pale lager  
Garais 5%   Pale lager.  
Wendu 5%   Amber lager.  
Cesu ordena alus 5.2%   Pale lager.  
Cesu Premium 5.2%   Pale lager  
Cesu English Ale 5.6%   Amber Ale. Top-fermented.  
Cesu Special Stout 6%   Stout  
Cesu Porter 6.2%   Porter.  
Cesu Strong Draught 6.5%   Pale lager.  
Cesu Chocolate Porter 6.8%   Porter.  
Bocmanis gaišais 7%   Pale lager.  
Bocmanis tumšais 7%   Dark lager.  
Cuba Strong 7%   Pale lager.  
Disel 7%   Dark lager.  
Riktigais Gaišais 7%   Pale lager.  
Turbo Disel 7%   Dark lager.  
Cuba Extra Strong 9%   Pale lager.  

Bought in 1999 by Olvi subsidiary A.Le Coq.

Gulbenes Alus Daritava
Dzirnavu iela 1,
4401 Gulbene.
Tel: 447 3252

Annual production: 6,790 (2004)

***** Closed *****

Independent brewery.

A/S Kimmels Riga
Rigas gatve 8,
2164 Adaži
Tel: 751 7428
Fax: 751 7410

Founded: 1815
Annual production: 3,200 hl (2006)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Kimmel Baltais 4% 11° Pale lager.  
Rigas Originalais 4.5% 10.5° Pils.  
1815 5.5% 14° Pale lager.  
Rigas Tumšais 5.5% 15° Dark lager.  
Kiršu alus 5.5% 15° Dark lager with cherries.  
Rigas Stiprais 7% 20° Pale lager.  
Sencu alus 4% 10.5° Pale lager.  
Kimmel Premium 5% 12° Pale lager.  

Independent brewery. Founded by Bavarian Peter Rudolf Kimmel. Rigas Originalais was supposedly Stalin´s favourite beer - what better recommendation could you have than that?

***** Closed *****

Kraslavas Avots SIA
Vitolu iela 4,
5601 Kraslava.
Tel: 56 23123
Fax: 56 23120

Founded: 1988
Annual production: 880 hl (2004)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Kraslava original lager     Pale lager. Unfiltered.  
Kraslava original porter     Porter. Unfiltered.  

Microbrewery. Are they still brewing?

AS Lacpleša Alus
Raina Iela 48,
4052 Lielvarde.
Tel: 50 54 151

Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Lacplesis Pils 4%   Pils  
Lacplesis Dzintara 4.8%   Pale lager.  
Lacplesis Premium 5.2%   Pale lager.  
Lacplesis Gaišais 5.2%   Pale lager.  
Lacplesis Tumšais 5.5%   Dark lager.  
Lacplesis Gaišais Seviškais     Pale lager.
Plostnieku Alus     Pale lager. Brewed in Lithuania.  

Owned by the Danish group Royal Unibrew. The beers are unpasteurised.

Latgales Alus (Mamas D SIA)
Dzirnavu iela 22,
5403 Daugavpils.
Tel: 542 0134

Founded: 1860
Annual production: 67,670 hl (2004)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Latgales Gaišais 5%   Pale lager.  
Latgales Martina Gaišais Alus 7%   Pale lager.  
Latgales Martina Tumšais Alus 7%   Dark lager.  
Latgales Alus Stiprais 9.5%   Pale lager.  


LIDO Atputas centrs
Krasta Iela 76,
1019 Riga
Tel: 750 4420
Fax: 724 1168

Founded: 1999
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
LIDO Gaišais 4.5%   Pale lager. Unfiltered.  
LIDO Specialais 4.5%   Amber lager. Unfiltered.  
LIDO Medalus 4.5%   Pale lager with honey. Unfiltered.  

Brewpub in an amusement park. The beer is also available in three other pubs in the city and the restaurant in Riga airport.

Livu Alus (Grigis un Co.)
Ganibu iela 9/11,
3400 Liepaja.
Tel: 342 2314
Fax: 342 5262

Founded: 2000
Annual production: 168,280 hl (2004)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Livu Vieglais 2.9%   Pale lager.  
Livu Kupeceskoe 5.2%   Pale lager.  
Livu Premium 5.5%   Pale lager.  
Livu Seviškais 5.5%   Pale lager.  
Livu Pilzenes 4%   Pils.  
Livu Gaišais 4.8%   Pale lager.  
Livu Tumšais 5.5%   Dark lager.  
Livu Melnais Upis 7%   Dark lager.  
Livu Stiprais 7%   Pale lager.  
Livu Rubenis Gaišais 7%   Pale lager.  
Livu Rubenis Tumšais 7%   Dark lager.  
Livu Kuršu 7%   Pale lager.  
Livu Turbo 9%   Pale lager.  

Independent brewery. A new brewery that has in a few years become Latvia´s third largest. Seems to me to be far to big to be called a microbrewery.

Lodina Alus
Rigas iela 39,
3901 Bauska.
Tel: 761 2845
Fax: 786 0248

Founded: 1873 (1997)
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Lodina Sencu 4.5%   Pale lager.  
Lodina Gaišais 5.2%   Pale lager.  
Lodina Stiprais 7%   Pale lager.  

Microbrewery. Opened on the site of brewery of the same name closed in the 1960´s.

***** Closed *****

SIA Alus Nams
Incukalna pagasts "Ojari",
Tel: 799 5410
Fax: 799 5410

Founded: 2002
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Otto 4%   Pale lager.  
Bralis Incukalna Pilzenes 4.7%   Pils.  
Bralis Nefiltretais 5.3%   Unfiltered pale lager.  
Bralis Gaišais 5.3%   Pale lager.  
Bralis Tumšais 5.5%   Dark lager.  
Bralis Stiprais 7%   Pale lager.  
Erglis Gaišais 7%   Pale lager.  
Erglis Tumšais 7%   Dark lager.  
Pirats Gaišais 7%   Pale lager.  
Pirats Tumsais 7%   Dark lager.  
Špilers Stiprais 7%   Pale lager.  
Špilers Tumšais 7%   Dark lager.  
Virsaitis Stiprais 7%   Pale lager.  
Virsaitis Tumšais 7%   Dark lager.  
Ozols Stiprais 8.5%   Pale lager.  
Ozols Tumšais 8.5%   Dark lager.  

Independent brewery.

SIA Piebalgas Alus
Gaujas iela 2,
4125 Jaunpiebalga.
Tel: 789 2722
Fax: 761 2855

Founded: 1989
Annual production: 3,500 hl (2006)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Piebalgas sencu 4%   Pale lager.  
Minhauzena 4.6%   Pale lager.  
Buku 4.7%   Pale lager.  
Mednieku 4.7%   Pale lager.  
Jubilejas 5.2%   Pale lager. brewed to celebrate the brewery´s 15th anniversary.  
Piebalgas 5.6%   Pale lager.  
Piebalgas tumšais LUX 5.6%   Dark lager.  


Rezeknes alus SIA
Atbrivošanas aleja 162,
4601 Rezekne.
Tel: 463 1131

Founded: 2005
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Rezeknis Bryuvers Gaišais 5%   Pale lager.  

Microbrewery. They might get their beer contract brewed in Lithuania.

Rigas Alus Daritava Varpa
Maskavas iela 231
1019 Riga.

Founded: 1865 **** CLOSED 2004 ****
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Varpa Sencu 4%   Pale lager.  
Varpa Rigas 5%   Pale lager.  
Varpa 140 5.5%   Pale lager. Brewed to celebrate the brewery´s 140th anniversary.  
Varpa Extra 5.5%   Pale lager.  
Varpa Kurzemes 5.8%   Dark lager.  
Varpa Dzintara 7%   Pale lager.  

Beers now brewed by Alus Avota.

Agrofirma Tervete

3720 Tišas.
Tel: 376 8517
Fax: 376 8642

Founded: 1971
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Tervetes Sencu Alus 4.5%   Pale lager  
Tervetes Alus 5.3%   Pale lager  
Zemgale     Pale lager  
Tervetes Originalais 5.4%   Pale lager  

Independent brewery.

Užavas Alus
Užavas pagasts,
3627 Ventspils rajons.
Tel: 36 99484
Fax: 36 99297

Founded: 1994
Annual production: 1,500 (2006)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Užavas Gaišais Alus 4.6% 12.5° Pale lager. Unfiltered.  
Užavas Tumšais Alus 4.9% 12.7° Dark lager. Unfiltered.  
Užavas Gaišais Alus 4.6% 12.5° Pale lager. Unpasteurised.  
Užavas Tumšais Alus 4.9% 12.7° Dark lager. Unpasteurised.  

Independent brewery.

Valmiermuižas alus
Dzirnavu iela 2,
Fax: +371 64216602

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Gaišais alus 5.2%   Pale lager. Filtered.  
Gaišais alus 5.2%   Pale lager. Unfiltered.  
Tumšais alus 5.8%   Dark lager. Unfiltered.  
Tumšais alus 5.8%   Dark lager. Filtered.  

Independent brewery.

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